Strategic design that propels your business forward


Find out more about my process.


Step One: Deck Review

We take a look at the current draft of your deck (whether it’s an outline or nearly done), carefully assessing where it could use some TLC. We determine which Design Package is right for you, at which point you’ll receive a quote and an estimated timeline. Curious about my design packages? Scroll down below and click the Contact button to receive it.


Step Two: Discovery

The Discovery phase is where I find out more about your business, preferences, investors, customers, and beneficiaries. You’ll receive a digital questionnaire that tells me about all of these things, giving me a complete picture of what will make your project a success. I’ll also gather any materials necessary to complete your deck, such as existing copy, your company logo, and more. The details of this phase will depend from one client to the next, depending on the current stage of your business.


Step Three: Creation

At this point, I get to work! With all the information gathered in the prior stages, I create 3-5 slides in a style I think you’ll love. I gather your feedback on the preview until the template is approved by you and your team, then begin creating the entire deck.


Step Four: Refinement

Slide by slide, graphic by graphic, and word by word, we go over your entire presentation with a fine-tooth comb. You tell me your thoughts and ask me your questions, which I address until you feel confident you have a deck that perfectly represents you and your business. 2 rounds of revisions are included in every package.

So how do we get started? Contact me to get my Pitch Deck Package Guide, which includes the three different deck design packages I offer, their prices, and my clients’ FAQs.