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Get to know me.


Hey there! My name is Katie. I’m a Chicago-based digital designer, serving clients worldwide. After gaining experience in marketing & design for a variety of industries in-house, I sought the ultimate freedom of opening up shop on my own. Today, I refer to my design style as “strategic minimalism.” Not a fan of unnecessary frills, I seek well-placed simplicity and cleanliness in the elements I design. But don’t misunderstand: I treasure the rare work opportunities that allow for bold use of color.

I believe my knack for copy is due to my musical roots. Enrolled in music school at an early age, I grew up appreciating quality lyricism and composition. Just like beats and melodies, sentences have their own rhythm. Rather than settling for the first descriptor that comes to mind, I refine words until they flow like a verse. Each syllable is part of an overall pulse of a paragraph, and every word is carefully chosen.

Passionate about doing my small part in making the world a better place, I started a sub-section of my business called Opal Branding, granting discounts for creative services to qualifying non-profits and social enterprises. In fact, I have recently acquired a Certification in Social Enterprise from the University of Illinois-Chicago to ensure the unique needs of mission-driven ventures are not lost on me. The causes most dear to my heart are those that help the homeless, as well as those that introduce affordable, healthy food options to food deserts.

Outside of the office, I can be found relearning the piano and music theory, compensating for my awkward younger years by becoming a (slightly) better runner, or killing plants I promised to keep alive. I love mystery/thriller novels, every coffee-shop employee within 10 miles knows me by name, and I think Freddie Mercury is the greatest frontman to have ever lived.